Coco Croc - Black Roc

Coco Croc - Black Roc

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One of our favorite belt combos to date! Plus, who doesn't love a reversible belt?! 

Our brown croc is AH-MA-ZING!! It looks great with ANY and we mean any outfit! Turn it around for show-time to reveal our beautiful plain black leather which is perfect from street to stable!

Our 1 1/2" reversible belt straps are made of the highest quality leather from California and compatible with most 1 1/2" detachable buckles for even more options.  Our buckle is solid steel and hand-polished in the USA.  The smooth edges help protect your saddle from scratches in the event of an ungraceful dismount.

Our belt straps are sized a little differently.  To determine your perfect size, just measure one of your fav belt straps from one end to very other end, not including the buckle.  This will give you your size in inches.